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HelixBind’s tests are capable of circumventing the need for blood cultures by incorporating multiple proprietary technologies all of which are embedded on an easy-to-use disposable cassette that delivers test results within a few hours.

Bringing Cutting Edge Technology to the Patient
HELIXBIND tests deliver species level identification, across a broad MENU OF 20+ pathogenS, with sensitivity down to a few cells per milliliter, from a small blood sample, within a few hours.

results in about

3 hours


cassette into RaPID instrument


6ml blood in a disposable cassette


How HelixBind is Changing Care

Blood is perhaps the most complicated clinical specimen due to the presence of compounds which inhibit other tests as well as an abundance of human cells that far outweigh the number of microbial cells in a sample by roughly a million times; there may be only a few microbial cells in each milliliter of blood. 


Sample preparation is important and any method won’t ‘just work.’ HelixBind has developed a number of patented methods and a novel approach utilizing electrostatics, which mean HelixBind tests:

  • Can assay an entire tube of blood in a single test, not just a few drops, as required to find the microorganism causing the infection; 

  • Yield highly pure microbial genomic material, eliminating all process inhibitors to maximize sensitivity.

Bloodstream infections are hard to identify and treat because there are many different microorganisms, some of which are nearly impossible to differentiate, and many of which should be treated differently. The ability to detect and identify microorganisms is important. HelixBind has developed a patented method, which utilizes artificial nucleic acids rather than DNA, which enables all HelixBind tests to:

  • Incorporate a comprehensive test menu of more than 20 of the most common and deadly bacteria and fungi in a single test;

  • Provide sufficient species level detail to guide treatment via targeted antimicrobials.

RaPID tests are easy to operate and provide accurate results.

HelixBind has embedded the entire process onto a disposable plastic cassette. Everything has been automated, all the user has to do is snap the specimen tube into the cassette and load the cassette onto a small benchtop instrument. The tests have eliminated the need to open the specimen tube, making the test easier, safer, and less prone to contamination.


After the test is completed, the user is given a report with the findings: Was a bloodstream infection found? If so, what was it? Were there any identified markers of antimicrobial resistance? All of this information is both at the user’s fingertips as well as seamlessly interfaced with the hospital’s LIS for easy access.   

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