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Revolutionizing the diagnosis and management of bloodstream infections.


The Challenge of Sepsis

Sepsis, the body’s severe response to a bloodstream infection, is a leading cause of death worldwide. Over 250,000 Americans die from sepsis each year.  These infections progress quickly, but once the causative pathogen is identified, aggressive treatment with the appropriate antimicrobial can save lives. 

Today however, current diagnostic techniques to identify the infection rely on blood cultures, which takes days to provide a result. During the critical first few hours and days of illness, healthcare professionals are forced to treat patients based on their best guess. This leads to poor patient outcomes and reduces the effectiveness of existing drugs by driving resistance among pathogens. 

The Solution


Rapid and accurate identification of bloodstream infection will change the way these infections are treated, improve care, and save lives.


How HelixBind is Changing Care

HelixBind's patent pending Pathogen Identification (PID) platform will provide rapid detection and unequivocal identification of bloodstream infections, direct from a whole blood specimen and without the need for blood culture. 

This will allow physicians to quickly adjust to the optimal, targeted, antimicrobial intervention and monitor the effectiveness of that treatment throughout care. 

Together we will change the way infections are treated, improve care, and save lives.